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How to choose best type of insurance coverage for a business or company – Radio Guesting August 10, 2020

00:00 Welcome back everyone. My next guest has also been on the air with me before. I have Troy Froderman and he is one of the principals of FR Law Group. You’re a local law firm here in.. well, you’re located where? 00:23 Seventh Street in Camelback essentially. 00:25 So okay and but you specialize […]

Understanding insurance policies/contracts and how COVID-19 affected businesses and insurance policies – Radio Guesting July 23, 2020

The information and opinions you hear on this radio show are those of our guests and callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of KFNX affiliates management or advertisers. 00:26 Welcome to networking Arizona with host Carol Blonder. You’ll hear interviews with businesses located throughout the valley. Networking, it makes a difference. 00:38 Welcome […]