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It’s Law – Episode 10: What should you know about your insurance portfolio? Dec 19, 2023

Transcript 00:03 Hello, and welcome to episode 10 of the It’s Law Podcast. I’m Richie Edwards from FR Law Group, and today we’re going to be talking about what you should have in your insurance portfolio. I’m here with Troy Froderman, who’s been an insurance lawyer and business litigator for many years. And also here […]

It’s Law – Podcast Episode 4: Financial Planning starts now with Mike Rojas August 1, 2023

Transcript 00:03 Hello, and welcome to the It’s Law Podcast. I’m Richie Edwards back to host episode number four. Today I’m here with Michael Rojas. Michael is a Financial Advisor and he’s joined us today to talk about Financial Planning in their retirement and other spaces and this is a follow on to episode three, […]

It’s Law – Podcast Episode 3: Alternative Business Structures with Andy Unkefer Jul 31, 2023

Transcript 00:03 Welcome, everybody to It’s The Law. This is our third episode and I’m very pleased to be joined today by a good friend, and a business colleague, Andy Unkefer. Hi, Eddie. 00:15 I Troy, Thanks for having me here today. 00:18 My pleasure. So we’re going to deviate just a little bit from […]

The traps to avoid when presenting an insurance claim – Radio Guesting Nov 1, 2021

Transcript 00:39 Welcome to the show everyone. I knew it was gonna happen. I’m trying to save my voice here and it’s getting kind of crazy. You know what, we’re live on Facebook. So I want to say hi to everybody out there like us and follow. I hope everyone had a great Halloween we […]

All about Professional Liability Insurance – Radio Guesting Nov 17, 2021

Transcript 00:00 At FR Law Group, we approach the law from a business perspective, because we share your business mindset by representing hundreds of companies over decades. Our firm has the business acumen necessary to help your company create a sound budget, while avoiding the usual pitfalls. Get the benefit of our national-level experience without […]