“Troy Froderman is ranked as a Tier 1 Leading Lawyer in Arizona by the Highest Ranking Legal Peer Review Group.”

– Chambers

Legal Representation from a Business Perspective

With us, you will get national experience without the national fees, just a sound legal budget that will cover things you may not have even considered.

To date, we have tried more than 75 cases to conclusion and have litigated more than 1,000 cases.

Experienced Litigation and Commercial Law Attorneys

Founding partners Troy Froderman and Scott Ryan started FR Law Group in 2017, having come from Am Law100 law firms and a Fortune 500 company. They love having the flexibility to serve their clients and add value to the companies they represent through individual relationships that don’t conform to corporate “boxes.” Troy and Scott take a pragmatic approach to litigation and commercial law – emphasizing the importance of being flexible and analyzing the context in each case or deal to make the most informed decision.

“When things get escalated, the one who loses is the client.” – Troy

Businesses are juggling so many problems on a daily basis, and uncertainty is ever-present in the corporate world. Issues are nuanced, and clients are often hit from multiple angles at any given time. Troy and Scott have the years of business experience necessary to frame issues with clarity, articulate the many aspects at play, and form a plan of action.


What our Clients say about us

Hawkeye Strategy

Troy and Scott look to identify risks before they become problems. They offer an informed and objective view on potential issues, even if they are outside the “scope” of the issue at hand. FR Law Group is the type of firm that helps companies budget for potentially unforeseen legal fees ahead of time so clients are fully prepared for the entire process. They know law, but they also know business.

Courtroom Experience ►

Courtroom Experience

As a general rule, FR Law Group focuses on minimizing the need for litigation. But if the need arises, they’re more than capable of holding their own in the courtroom, having represented numerous clients through countless jury trials over their collective 45+ years. Their creative, prepared, and determined approach brings an element of polish to the courtroom that’s respected by some of the highest courts in the country.

Lasting Connection

Most of Scott and Troy’s clients choose them because of their reputation in the industry, including clients who have been with them for decades. At FR Law Group, it’s not just about what happens in the courtroom and the boardroom – it’s the connection between client and counsel that happens over a cup coffee and casual conversation. They strive to be counsel that’s only a phone call away, providing clients with all the answers they need to run their business from day-to-day.

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At FR Law Group, we approach the law from a business perspective because we share your business mindset by representing hundreds of companies over decades. Our firm has the business acumen necessary to help your company create a sound budget while avoiding the usual pitfalls.

Get the benefit of our national-level experience without the national-level price tag.

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