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It’s Law – Episode 8: Why is the Legal System so Slow?! Sep 27, 2023

Transcript 00:03 Good afternoon, and welcome to Episode Eight of the It’s Law Podcast. Today, I’m Richie Edwards, I’m here with Troy Froderman, and today we’re going to talk about why courts in Arizona takes so darn long. We’ve titled it, you know, in our notes and our discussions, Justice delayed. Troy, it’s shocking to […]

It’s Law – Episode 7: Best Practice on Presenting an Insurance Claim Sep 27, 2023

Transcript 00:07 Hello, and welcome to the It’s Law Podcast. Today is episode seven, and we’re going to be discussing the best practices of presenting an Insurance Claim. I’m Richie Edwards, associate at FR Law Group. and today with me to present and speak to us is Troy Froderman, one of the owners of principles […]

It’s Law – Episode 6: Your Day in the Courtroom Aug 15, 2023

Transcript 00:09 Good afternoon, and welcome to the It’s Law Podcast presented by FR Law Group. I’m your host today, Richie Edwards, and I’m joined by Rita Gara and Troy Froderman. Today in Episode Six, we’re going to be talking about Your Day in Court. Troy and Rita have significant extensive experience actually trying cases […]

It’s Law – Episode 5: Practice of Law for Young Lawyers Aug 15, 2023

Transcript 00:04 Hello and welcome to the it’s law podcast presented by Fr Law Group. This is episode five. I’m Richie Edwards hosting again, apologize to all of you, it’ll be my third time. But we hope we keep refining things doing a good job. Today, I’m happy to be joined by Danielle Olson and […]

All about Professional Liability Insurance – Radio Guesting Nov 17, 2021

Transcript 00:00 At FR Law Group, we approach the law from a business perspective, because we share your business mindset by representing hundreds of companies over decades. Our firm has the business acumen necessary to help your company create a sound budget, while avoiding the usual pitfalls. Get the benefit of our national-level experience without […]