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Disability Insurance for Businesses – Radio Guesting December 14, 2021

 00:00 I’m going to go in with my first guest. And I’m really excited about bringing it because we’re going to be talking a little bit about something a little different than we normally do. I have Troy Froderman with me, and he’s one of the principles of FR Law Group. Before you came […]

The 2021 Infrastructure Bill Creates New and Expanded Buy America Rules and Regulations

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – the physical infrastructure bill – that includes updated and expanded Buy America requirements under a provision known as the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA). The BABA goes above and beyond previous Buy America requirements. It expands the scope of materials […]

Spring Cleaning or Spoliation? The Dangers of Destruction

Everybody likes a clean desk, but when it comes to litigation or even potential litigation deep cleaning your office could have catastrophic consequences for your case if you are not careful about what you are getting rid of.  Failing to preserve relevant evidence in a pending case or even an anticipated case can result in […]

The traps to avoid when presenting an insurance claim – Radio Guesting Nov 1, 2021

 00:39 Welcome to the show everyone. I knew it was gonna happen. I’m trying to save my voice here and it’s getting kind of crazy. You know what, we’re live on Facebook. So I want to say hi to everybody out there like us and follow. I hope everyone had a great Halloween we […]

All about Professional Liability Insurance – Radio Guesting Nov 17, 2021

 00:00 At FR Law Group, we approach the law from a business perspective, because we share your business mindset by representing hundreds of companies over decades. Our firm has the business acumen necessary to help your company create a sound budget, while avoiding the usual pitfalls. Get the benefit of our national-level experience without […]