Entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies of all sizes often face the same legal issues faced by large companies with in-house counsel. Handling these legal issues is a time-consuming task that takes business owners away from running and growing their businesses.

Your time is better spent growing your client base. FR Law Group provides general counsel services that handle these typical day-to-day legal issues, not taking you away from managing your company. Some of the general counsel services that FR Law Group can provide your company include:

  • Contract reviews
  • Insurance recovery claims
  • Business formation
  • Corporate transactional work
  • Employee issues
  • Shareholder issues
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Business disputes
  • General legal advice

We think that an attorney should be a critical business counsel, not merely a legal technologist. At FR Law Group, you will have lawyer that approaches issue solutions from a business-oriented and pragmatic perspective. We leverage our extensive business expertise to provide proactive legal risk management for our customers, assisting them in avoiding problems before they happen.

We assist developing businesses in the following ways:

  • Accelerate the completion of critical business transactions
  • Protect valuable intellectual property
  • Identify and creatively resolve business difficulties
  • Avoid the cost load of full-time legal personnel

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Our Phoenix business law attorneys will work in your office and will be ready to assist your team on-site as needed. And being accessible does not mean that legal expenses will soar, as our prices are a fraction of those charged by huge law offices. When we attend meetings as corporate counsel to discuss a new business development contract or product strategy, you benefit from proactive legal guidance without having to worry about the clock running in the background.

Numerous businesses rely on external counsel to serve as in-house and general counsel. Lawyers at FR Law Group frequently act as outside general counsel for Arizona corporations. We obtain a thorough grasp of our client’s business operations and objectives by collaborating closely with them. As a result, we can provide clients with targeted, client-centered, and cost-effective guidance and counsel on various legal matters that arise daily.

As outside general counsel, our contract lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, are frequently the first point of contact for our clients when they confront business challenges that have legal ramifications. As strategic consultants to our clients, we collaborate quickly and efficiently across the firm’s different practices to implement the best solutions and handle the current situation with an eye toward the future.

When working as outside general counsel, we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s current company operations, previous history, and future aspirations, and we deliver efficient, intelligent, and inventive solutions to our client’s business-related legal concerns.

Why use our Outside General Counsel Services?

There are several advantages to engaging FR Law Groups Phoenix business law attorneys as your Outside General Counsel. The following are some of the benefits:


Hiring an outside general counsel saves your business money since it avoids hiring a full-time Phoenix small business lawyer – you save recruiting costs, the high compensation associated with full-time in-house counsel, and the employee benefits associated with full-time attorneys.

Another cost saver is that an in-house attorney can ask for a share of your company, but outside counsel will not. You are only responsible for compensating your outside general counsel for the services provided. The total cost will be significantly less than engaging an in-house attorney, making outside counsel an affordable option for many firms.

From the outside, looking in

Outside general counsel offers a new set of eyes and ears. As a result, your external general counsel can provide an objective, third-party opinion from a standpoint distinct from your business’s internal branches. Business owners are intimately involved in their operations and, understandably, might be emotionally attached. Having a second, independent voice from outside the firm may be highly beneficial in assisting you in making informed judgments.

The Phoenix business attorneys at FR Law Group are accomplished professionals with formal business educations who can provide a critical legal and strategic “second look” at your business and its operations.


Legal difficulties can arise at inconvenient times and need prompt resolution. Without a legal adviser on hand to address these issues as they arise, you’ll be compelled to spend considerable time screening and interviewing individuals, adding to your workload.

Additionally, because many attorneys have a restricted scope of practice, company owners may find themselves vetting and hiring many attorneys. Moreover, a single call outside general counsel serves as a one-stop shop to deal with all of your legal needs across all practice areas.

Familiarity with your field of endeavor

Bringing an outside viewpoint does not always imply outside general counsel is conversant with the subtleties of your organization. Your outside general counsel remains an integral part of your team and will thoroughly understand your business-from operations to objectives to provide sound guidance.

Additionally, because our outside general counsel attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona, have acquired experience in certain areas via transactions with other businesses, we are better equipped to predict and avert potential conflicts in commercial relations.


You don’t have to commit to a long-term association with outside counsel as you do by employing an in-house general counsel. You can test the services of an outside lawyer to determine if they are a suitable fit. There are no fines associated with terminating an employment contract early. Outside counsel enables you to make critical business decisions with greater ease and flexibility.

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