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It’s Law – Episode 9: What is the real cost to litigate a case? Dec 19, 2023

Transcript 00:04 Hello, and welcome to the It’s Law Podcast. Today’s episode nine, we’re going to talk about what the real cost is to litigate a case. I’m Richie Edwards from FR Law Group, I’ll be hosting today. With me is Troy Froderman, and you heard a lot from Troy and lucky to hear again […]

It’s Legal – Podcast Episode 2 Jul 18, 2023

Transcript 01:14 Welcome to the second episode of its law presented by FR Law Group. This is Troy Froderman, your host for today, and we are honored to have as our guest one of our lawyers, Rita. 01:26 Gara. Hello, happy to be here. 01:30 So Rita, before we get started into what you’d like […]

It’s Legal Introduction- Podcast Episode 1 Jul 18, 2023

Transcript 00:03 Hello and welcome to the It’s Law Podcast presented by FR Law Group. I’m Richie Edwards an attorney here at the FR Law Group, and I have the pleasure of hosting the first episode of the It’s Law podcast. It’s our hope that the podcast becomes a valuable resource for all of you […]

Business Law- Radio Guesting Oct 10, 2022

Transcript 16:30 So welcome back everyone. And I’m gonna say this every one I say it every show I said it earlier, I love my show, the information and what we do is go from soup to nuts here from one thing to the other, we’re live on Facebook, we have it all day. Hi […]

Business – Radio Guesting Oct 3, 2022

Transcript 00:00 Welcome to the show, everyone. I am so excited! I can’t believe that it is October already; it is flying by. We’re live on Facebook! So I want to say hi to everybody out there. Like us and follow us. We’ll share the show later on. And listen, this is really fun to […]