At FR Law Group, we are Arizona construction attorneys who know the construction industry inside and out – we’re familiar with handling every aspect of a construction project: the business risks, union issues, OSHA compliance, negotiated contracts, and all the nuance that comes with billion-dollar construction projects.

Construction is a complex and nuanced industry that requires years of hands-on experience to master. Our Phoenix construction lawyers come from decades of working at an Engineering News-Record Top 10 contractor and large law firms, both national and international. We bring that experience to the table for our clients who don’t have the same range of legal resources that a client of a national law firm would have.

We’re able to take all of the years that we’ve been trained in a large publicly traded corporation and large law firms and apply all the experience and knowledge to your company. All this at a lower cost than what it would cost you at a large national firm.

Common construction-related legal disputes

We know the Arizona construction business through and out, so if you need a construction lawyer in Phoenix or anywhere in the world, you can count on us for solid advice and counsel tailored to your particular legal problem. FR Law Group can assist you whether you require step-by-step assistance in obtaining an Arizona contractor’s license or are involved in a dispute with a supplier, contractor, subcontractor, landlord, or real estate owner.

Our Arizona construction lawyers provide you with the best options to resolve your matter efficiently and get you back to “business as usual” as soon as possible. We handle litigation and arbitration cases in a wide range of common and special construction legal issues, including:

  • Bonds and bonding
  • Mediation of construction disputes
  • Construction defects
  • Contracts and contract issues
  • Guarantees and sureties
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Liens and other security interests
  • Negligence
  • Planning and building permits

Construction Insurance

With the experience of practicing law in Phoenix for over 30 years, our practice emphasizes the need for insurance recovery for construction businesses. Ranging from general liability to cyber liability to risk management and errors and omissions, the number of lines for insurance businesses can exceed 50.

Because it covers losses and settles disputes between project participants, insurance is essential to construction project planning. Construction companies cannot afford to overlook or dismiss the major impact and consequences that insurance considerations may have on future fees, expenses, rights, and damages. This type of omission is a mistake that can expose a party to liabilities for which it was unprepared.

Construction insurance is a highly specialized and sophisticated sector that, to the untrained, is sometimes perplexing and opaque. The insurance industry is also constantly changing and revising policy language in response to changes in the construction industry and the interpretation and application of insurance policy language by courts that define the rights and obligations of insurers and insureds to control and forecast the relative liabilities of insurers.

A building project or a party cannot be insured or covered with all-inclusive insurance. An alternative approach is to weave together multiple policies to cover the many types of risks that can be insured on a construction project. This includes insurance agreements and coverages, OCIP programs, CCIP programs, and subcontractor default coverage programs, as well as any exclusions or restrictions. It also includes policy limits and sub-limits, as well as excess umbrella coverage.

Insurance plans often begin by offering extensive coverage for several risks and possible damages in the insuring agreement at the policy’s inception. Plan provisions included as exclusions, deductibles, implied exceptions, definitions, and endorsements significantly diminish the coverage offered to policyholders.

Insurance planning for building projects is exceedingly complicated and specialized; hence, it would be foolish to entrust such planning to an unskilled layperson. Companies with in-house insurance specialists or risk managers still rely on professional insurance brokers to help them find the best deal on the insurance coverage they require.

It would be best to find a construction insurance attorney in Phoenix that can tell you what you should do to protect your business and make sure that you have the right insurance. At FR Law Group, we specialize in insurance and construction. So, we are the ideal lawyers to hire for your construction business.

In addition to guiding you in choosing the right insurance policy and provider, we also are Arizona insurance bad faith lawyers. With that specialty, we can ensure your insurance provider holds to their word. We frequently witness companies just giving up on a claim due to a lack of understanding of its coverages.

How we conduct business FR Law Group

Our Arizona construction law experts work with clients on a project from the beginning to the end, making sure everything is completed on schedule and on budget. It doesn’t matter if our clients are general contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, lenders, or material suppliers; we take care of the legal technicalities so they can focus on the work.

We take great pride in knowing and understanding our clients’ businesses. We believe that the best way to provide legal services to a client is to know their space, understand their business risks, goals, and the client’s people and talent.

At our own expense and without charging the customer, we conduct extensive background analysis on our clients so that when they have a business problem requiring our aid, we are ready to go into action. We know construction.

All of the major players in the construction sector are among our clients, from general contractors and subcontractors to suppliers, architects, engineers, company owners, developers, banks, and insurance agencies.

Simply put: if you had a heart issue, you would see a heart surgeon. If you’re working in construction, you work with FR Law Group!

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