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FR Law Group provides legal counsel to Colorado Elevator Solutions

FR Law Group, a business law firm in Phoenix, AZ, provided legal counsel to Colorado Elevator Solutions (“CES”). CES needed the FR Law Group’s legal expertise in acquisitions as Schindler Elevator Corporation moved to acquire Colorado Elevator Solutions operation. Learn more here.   

Tips on how to best pursue insurance coverage when having a loss in the business – Radio Guesting Dec 15, 2020

Welcome back, everyone. We’re now live on Facebook. So I want to say hi to everybody out there. There’s my hand right there. We now have with me, Troy Froderman, and he’s one of the principals of FR Law Group. Welcome back to the show. You know, tell everybody a little bit about yourself as […]

What happens and what to do when your insurance carrier denies your claims – Radio Guesting Oct 12, 2020

  00:00 The information and opinions you hear on this radio show are those of the guests and callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of KF & X, its affiliates management or advertisers. Networking Arizona is brought to you by hypnotic one, you can visit them on the web at That’s hypnotic, […]

How should business owners manage their risks and minimize liabilities to third parties – Radio Guesting Sept 23, 2020

  02:42 Welcome back, everyone. I just go from one thing to the next in here. It’s like a ping pong ball with different people and things that, that, you know, they want to talk about what they do. We’re live on Facebook. So hi to everybody out there. Like us and follow us we’re […]

The importance of having a business lawyer on your business’ side – Radio Guesting Sept 10, 2020

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